The domain is due to expire soon and I'm not going renew it. 

I didn't know I wasn't going to until I received an email saying it was due and then I realised that "the time has come". 


I AM NOT QUITTING MUSIC. I can't. I never will. 

I was looking through all of the projected twin social media and I noticed that at some point very soon the PT YouTube channel is going to hit a MILLION views. Never in my entire life have I ever achieved a million ANYTHING. I'm so incredibly proud of this and the thought of it instantly flashes the near-decade-spanning adventure that projected twin has been before my eyes. I've met thousands of awesome fans. Made two albums that I LOVE and had my music reach hundreds of thousands of appreciative ears. With each statistical milestone that I've reached my first thought is usually "what's the NEXT goal?" This time I realised that I just don't have one. That speaks volumes to me. 



Making music actually. According to me (10 years ago) I've become a corporate sellout making jingles, podcast/YouTube intros, singing for hire and just about anything that comes my way. I started a business late last year that you may have heard of called ''. To my surprise, even though the music industry is massively inflated and there's no shortage of us trying to make a living, I've blinked and am now doing it full-time with no sign yet of business slowing down any time soon!



Not much really. All this means is that now that I'm a crusty 30-year-old-husband-and-father-of-three and I'm losing touch of "what the kids want these days". The idea of campaigning, putting together press releases, distribution, marketing, analytics, periscoping and spending money on music I give out for free (which doesn't bother me, I made it to be listened to after all) has reached the end of an epic run. 



There will be more Projected Twin music. I just won't be spending any money on making it or getting whatever music this may be out there. This means that if you're not following this page or my Twitter or SoundCloud, you may not even know it's there 



I dunno 

Basically all I'm saying is that when I feel like it and when I can find the time to get a song finished (and there are a number of them in progress) I’ll put it out. What I won’t be doing is putting pressure on myself to stay current, active, remembered and producing regular content. My heart will always be in writing music for myself and getting out what I need to get out via this incredible and creative outlet, but where it isn’t anymore is trying to keep the social media and notoriety momentum bus running. (Oh, there is that Solar Soma album on the way though ;)



No, it’s more of a “See you when I see you”



Well. More importantly than ever… T H A N K   Y O U. All of you. Thank you for loving music, for loving my music, for being there through every step, every heart break, every success, every failure and every attempt to make Projected Twin mean something, you all certainly really made it mean something to me.


Thank you Cory Williams for giving me the keys to the internet in 2009. Thank you to Nurdish By Nature for being my FIRST fan and friend on YouTube and for pushing me to go for it! Thank you Luke, Chris and Cat of Solar Soma for being “the band” on two GLORIOUS albums. Thank you Mark Collaccico for believing in me and igniting the spark that become the 2012 North American tour. Thank you to all of the amazing and talented musicians who have proudly been “Projected Twin” during the various line-up changes and again. Thank  Y O U .

Projected Twin was always meant to be Me + whoever else on whatever day/project/etc. And when I think about it now, that mission has been completely accomplished. I am and you ALL are Projected Twin.


See you when I see you. -Projected Twin